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Joy is the serious business of heaven ” wrote C.S.Lewis in one of his essays. That is one thing we have learned in some sixty odd years of living. While there are some things in life that are too important to be serious about, joy is not one of them. Joy cannot be sought, but is a side effect of seeking that which matters.


And it is joy that this site aims to convey to the reader (viewer / surfer )   So we don’t seduce you with fancy graphics – just a few favorite pictures -   we prefer to be thought of as a wordsmyth [1] , or just fascinated by ideas, or the serendipitous.


But it will become clear that we don’t believe in coincidences, but in something much, much greater. The Source of all joy, in fact.


Two vultures were picking over the bones of a dead clown. One said to the other, “Does this taste funny to you?”


So if there’s stuff here that tastes funny to you. I have one suggestion; Think about it!


Work in Progress

Until it becomes an obituary, this site must be regarded as work in progress, nothing is fixed nor written in tablets of electro-luminescence. So your pardon is requested for the unfinished nature of this experiment.


Introductions & Welcome

Whoops! Sorry, I haven’t said hello yet. Must be getting too serious!   My name is Mike , Mike Davis. And before doing anything else, I’d like to welcome you warmly to this site. Even if you find there is much to disagree with here, you are still welcome, for it is said,   Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it. ” If you are a stranger, then I hope that you are not too strange to be entertained. If you are an angel, you are twice welcome, although there’s some stuff here that cannot be fully understood by incorporeal beings, but a lot more for you to appreciate, being on the subject of joy.


What more do you need to know? Elsewhere you can find out a little about my family, my faith, my involvements, some of my enthusiasms and the search for justice for all mankind that we need to seek. In those pages, you will find links to others. Be my guest!


Why “trustsof”?

Back in the prehistory of the internet, 1994, in fact, we had to decide on an e-mail name. Having traded in software under the name “Trust Software” it seemed amusing, since we were then entrusting our account to Demon Internet, to sign on as mike@trustsof.demon We have now dropped Demon, to the relief of some of my Christian friends! Other sites and names can be found elsewhere on this site.


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You just found it! .


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Current Projects

*         Churches Together in North West Rochdale


*         Rochdale Photographic Society

see www.flickriver.com/photos/watchman for my recent photos


*         Accounting for People”  page - see "True Asset Accounting"


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Left: Jenny;  Right: Me : OK; You guessed?



Biographical Information

Born 1939. Grew up a bit. Got a degree in engineering & a job. Married Jenny. Grew up a bit more. Got another degree (MBA). Had kids, James & Derek. Moved to Lancashire. Lost a job. Started own business. Effectively retired in 2008. Still working out what to do when I grow up properly. You want more!? But feel free to ask.



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Personal Interests

*         Prayer

*         Photography

*         Ideas

As I wrote these, I realised that I’d made a great mistake. See Matters Arising .


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Last revised: November 2010

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[1] “wordsmyth” is not a typo, but a weaving of  ideas and myths through the medium of the written, or spoken, word. Note that a myth is not an untruth, but a truth expressed in a parabolic form. e.g. Headlight reflectors are of a parabolic form and focus or concentrate light where before there was darkness.